The beauty of this shot, for me, is not that in itself it is such a great photo. What makes it special to me is it is the first apartment that Tish and I got together. I had picked up some "how-to's" on shooting at night, with out flash, and this was the first time I attempted to utilize those techniques.

I also tried a red layer and a b&w layer flattened together. I thought it made for an interesting "glow" and lent itself to the night time beauty of the pool and apartment. The people to the right were having a party. Even though the exposure was somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 second, even with such a long exposure, the party goers cooperated by not moving very much during that time.

I hope to do some better night time work. I will remember this night as special for at least two reasons.

Our apartment is the dimly lit, second floor, apartment in the center of the pic.