Catching Up

Here it is, the first of February, 2011. So much has happened. I am overwhelmed. I suppose I will touch on a few things and continue to "catch-up" as I go along. This is another way of saying, I'll always be running towards current. This is not such a bad thing. I like to think I gain perspective by taking my time. One of the advantages of getting older is people expect you to take longer to do just about everything; why not blogging as well?

I am very excited about living in this hodge-podge environment. I have not really moved in, but I go there after work and spend an hour or so sitting on my little balcony just watching.

I have told you about meeting my neighbor. One of the points I was trying to make was not jumping to conclusions about people until you get to know them. I am pleased I have learned that lesson because now I know much more about my neighbor that I could not have possible filled you in on when I wrote the first blog.

I am not about to get into a deep psychological profile on this site. Don't expect any more than a broad brush with an occasional dabbling into the>
First, I'd like to say I like my neighbor. She really gets out and hustles to make ends meet. She works all hours and is constanly searching for better jobs. Without knowing details, I do know she is earnest in making her way and doesn't expect handouts. I have given her rides to work, twice, when her car was in the shop. She has never been anything but polite in asking me for a ride.

Her battery died. It was lucky I have a battery charger to get her to the parts store to pick up a new one. I explained to her that Auto Zone would check her battery for free but to expect to have to get a new one. She seemed a little amazed that they would do it for free but she too my advice and got set up with a new battery.

On of the things that did take me aback was that she likes girls. I don't know if there was abuse in her past or not. Like I already said, I'm not going to get involved in a deep profile. It is enough to say that she likes girls. I thought it was somewhat humorous when she exclaimed that there were very expensive. Of course I just nodded knowingly.

Oh, there is so much more to tell. I want to cover the writing classes I have been taking and some of the new friends I have made. Not now. It is snowing outside. I need to pick some things up at the store. I will venture out into the storm. You never know, I may have something exciting to talk about from that ... dunno?