So much has happened since I wrote last I really cannot tell you everything.

I am in the midst of organizing. I have been taking classes at the Extended College Program at CCCC which has spurred me to write a lot recently. The classes are great and have motivated me.

In an attempt to share my writings on the web, I realized how outdated my website was. It would be too big a job to revamp the whole thing but I can work on certain parts and get the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) spruced up a bit.

T.M.R.A.'s board is going to allow the webmaster to put up a link to my SSOM (Sunshine State of Mind) articles. Again, this made me painfully aware of how much of a PITA it is to work around my website.

I need to go ... I have another assignment due on Monday (this is Saturday March 5, 2011)

The spaghetti sauce has been cooking since yesterday so it should be just fine for dinner tonight.

PS The bipolar across the way was taken away again. It took 8 cop cars and I don't know how many cops to get him in the car. Oh he went peaceably and all ... there was a squad of cops ... just in case. You know how dangerous it is down here in the "hood".