Off to Galveston Island

Friday off - Two days before my birthday. I have to be back at work on Wednesday, the 31st of May.

Call this is my birthday weekend/vacation.

I am so bless to have good friends that are going to let me stay with them, at their home, on the Island.

I have my helmet cam and of course my point and shoot camera. The laptop is packed. I will use it as a backup and charger for the GoPro Vid Camera through the USB port.

The Garmin GPS will get it's first real workout.

I have very great expectation for this weekend. It will be a working weekend but not stressful, if everything goes according to plan, I expect to have substantial periods during my vacation of doing little more than daydreaming.

PS The "hood" has changed a bit. The neighbor above me has moved out. Chrys with a "Y" has moved out. The guy across the way moved out as well. You can make friends here but don't expect to keep them around very long. I am going through the wait and see period. Who will move in? Will they be nice? Will they be messy? Will they be noisy? Will there be kids? Will they like me? Will they stomp their feet when they walk across my ceiling?

These are some of the questions that come to mind.

Not to worry - I am off to the Island. I will worry about all this when I return.