Nearing the end of October 2011

Monday off - The Galveston trip went off without a hitch. I was able to squeeze two SSOM's (Sunshine State of Mind) out of them for the Daimler's Folly. My hosts were wonderful and they made my birthday memorable.

I also took a mini-vacation to the Bastrop area. I documented the horrendous damage the fires did in the area. The day before we were scheduled to leave, another wildfire broke out just to the north of where we were staying.

Since the barbecue capital of Texas (Lockhart) was less than 30 minutes away, we tried several BBQ joints. We also sent to Luling to try their BBQ. It was great being with friends and enjoying the good "Q" of Texas. We want to go back and try some other restaurants so we can make a really good recommendation for those going to the area. There is the Chisholm Trail in Lockhart and the Luling Barbeque in Luling that we have our eyes on.

I wrote an article for Biker Living which was accepted and should be in the next issue. I know very little about the rag itself. I have an acquaintance with the editor, via Facebook, and we know many people in common. We'll see what comes of it. It seems like a great outlet for my writing.

I am saving up for a trip to West Virginia to see my honey. The 1,000 love affair is wearing on both of us. It will be great to see her again. There is some solace. I have just finished reading "Fall of Giants" by Ken Follett. In the story there were more than one couple separated for a very long time. One pair of newlyweds didn't see or hear from each other for over three years. Being separated from Tish made the story more meaningful. I have an idea what the characters were going through.

I have not met any of my new neighbors. There is one Mexican gentleman that makes a point of waving hello. I don't know if he speaks english or not. I suppose one day we'll do more than wave.

Today is movie day so I am out of here. I am thinking "Three Musketeers." It is senior day so I'm taking advantage of the reduced price.

P.S. The face thing is, I finally got the thing growing on my temple for the last few years taken care of. I had to fire a Dermatologist and get a new one. On the first visit I knew I liked her. She prescribed a cream that worked really well on my lips and face. The stubborn sore that wouldn't heal was a bitch. She froze the hell out of it on the first visit but it didn't help, the growth came back with a vengeance. This visit, on the 21st of October, was the end of the sore. She used something that resembled what you use as a wood craft burning tool. I am thinking that's the last of that booger. The previous doctor acted like there was nothing wrong. This doctor was amazed at how much garbage was growing under my skin. Is my face 100%? Don't know. I do know it is a whole lot better than it was a year ago. Now we just wait and see. That is reason this post is titled "Face."

Oh, and by the way I asked, there's nothing she can do in my price range for ugly.