Nearer the end of October 2011

I am hoping that Erin brings Liam over today. She said she would between Halloween parties that she and Liam are going to today.

I got a call from the Dermatologist office yesterday (10/28/11)

The results from the biopsy on the sore that-wouldn't-heal, that Dr. Matter burned last week, were in.

I heard a lot of blah-blah about a form of this or that was found.

What struck me was, towards the end of her quick speech she said the word cancer.

They want to schedule an appointment with a specialist and he comes in on Fridays. "Would I like to set an appointment?" she asked.

I said, "Sure, what times are available?

She answered, "9 A.M. this coming Friday," (a week from today).

Before she could say anything else, I replied, "Sure, I'll be there."

Surgery on Friday.