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Healing - November 2011
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Liam is so cute. I love his hugs. Like any one year old, he can put up a fuss when he gets it in his mind. The majority of the time he is in excellent humor. I believe he genuinely likes me and I love him greatly.

At this moment in time, besides writing today's blog, I am getting ready to make the trek to West Virginia. I have over-packed once again. I suppose it is an attempt to be prepared for anything. As anyone over the age of fifty can tell you, that is pure folly. Maybe when I hit eighty I'll start believing in the Tooth Fairy again. What ever happened to Cappy the minimalist?

Back to the Blog topic:

I met Erin and Liam at Ye Old Butcher Shop for some scrumptious Elk burgers. Liam seems to enjoy the Elk and french fries as he does a really good job of scarfing them up. We can tell when he gets full, pieces of burger and fries end up on the floor. Call it sign language.

Erin had not seen my incision until this day. She remarked at how clean it looked. I relayed the message I was given by the doctor's office that no more cancer was found and I was free to go LOL

As you can imagine, I was a little apprehensive as to whether there were going to be additional procedures. I cannot believe that my original dermatologist ignored the sore. My new doctor, Dr. Matter (pronounced motter), aggressively went after it, first freezing it and when that didn't work, burning it. She sent a sample of the surrounding tissue off to the lab where they discovered cancer cells. The very next Friday I was in the office with Dr. Postem, slicing and scooping deep enough to get it all.

As you can see by the photo, Dr. Postem did a wonderful job of cutting and stitching. This picture was taken a few days after the outer stitches were removed. The inner stitches dissolve on their own.

Cappy Healing

Erin was kind enough to take a few shots of my face. After a world-class hug from Liam, and a huge hug from Erin, I went on back to work.

Roseanna Anna Danna was right ... there's always something.

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