Tim Chambers
With hundreds of thousands of miles under your sled, most of the miles melt together. Your memory gets clouded seeing so many off ramps, too many speed signs. Every so often, an event during your ride stands out above all the rest. Years later the memory floods back in your consciousness, as vivid as the day it happened. This is a short tale of just such a ride.

It is a cool day, light breeze, one made quite comfortable with a jacket. It is the time of year that the sun casts a golden glow, it's reflection sparkling off of everything around you. An occasional puff of cloud accents the deep blue sky. Being early Sunday morning, there is almost no traffic on the G.W. Bush Tollway. This is truly a day to savor; no reason to hurry.

Feet up on the pegs, leaning on the backrest, relaxed, doing about 60mph; no need to throttle up to match the speed limit. Checking the rear view mirror, I spy a motorcycle off in the distance. It is gaining on me ever so slowly. Backing off the throttle slightly, curiously keeping one eye on the road, I watch the approaching rider. There is something about the way he perches on the saddle, it seems familiar, and my interest is truly piqued. When he is within 100 yards his identity finally hits me, it is The Gael.

Tim and I had ridden a few roads together. It had been sometime since I'd seen him. Tim was an organizer. He exuded sagacity that drew people to him, they would seek his advice, and most often follow it. He had an easygoing charm that masked his inner intensity. While his facade displayed a quiet demeanor, his aura shouted, "I care." I believe that is what stood out most about the man. He cared deeply. He gravitated toward BACA (Biker's Against Child Abuse). His love for his family spilled over to the children of the world that didn't have an advocate. Tim would be that advocate and he'd recruit and encourage others to join him. He was BACA President, Vice-President, Secretary, whatever they needed most. Tim was an organizer.

I don't have any idea when Tim recognized me that day. I do know that when he came along side of me, he slowed to my pace. Looking at each other, we nodded. We rode like that, peg to peg for a few miles, until we came to my road taking me north and his following the southern route. With a quick wave, it was over.

We never saw each other again. He did make a post on MC-101 (a Delphi motorcycle forum) that made reference to our ride. He made it clear that it meant as much to him as it had to me.

Tim passed the earthly realm on January 15, 2013. He battled ALS since 2011. From the testimony given by his friends and family, he handled his illness like he did so many other things in his life, with dignity and humor. He was an organizer up until the very end.

God bless you Tim. Map out all the good roads in Heaven. I'll ride with you again; we're not done. A friend for a reason, a friend for a season; I am a better man for having known The Gael.

Hot Springs 2004
He wore many hats
Master of Ceremonies -
A Natural
Hair Cut for Charity

Ride em if ya got em