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Good day ladies and gentlemen. Before you is a presentation indicative of a Cappy Ride. This particular Cappy Ride was designed in 2008. A Cappy plan is designed to produce a ride within a ride, with wiggle room to deviate as whims present themselves. The closest definition I can come up with is – a set plan for a primary destination that has several secondary and tertiary destinations shoehorned in advance or through serendipity along the way. At my age I have to get the most out of each and every day – each and every minute.

To successfully accomplish a Cappy Ride
  • one must not be in a hurry
  • one must not be embarrassed to navigate u-turns
  • it is essential to live in the moment
  • only bring along the baggage that keeps you safe and comfortable.

Allow me to offer an example.
We'll start our narrative at the Whitney Dam
There are spots to pull over and give it a rest.
Valley Mills is a crook in the road where I feel obligated to take a pic every time.
Crawford Texas
Crawford Texas – Arrive and leave at about the same time.
Coffee Station
Coffee Station – Blue Berry pie and Blue Bell come together

A touch and go through Belton
Belton Courthouse

Good BBQ on 203 N Penelope – Miller's

Sky Chief
Point of Interest – unexpected – along the way
Granny by the River
Primary Destination – more on that later
Primary Destination
And the Camp Kitty

I set up camp in a nice, quiet, shady spot. This little baby wanted to come in my tent and sleep with me. Problem was, coming through the roof was not a good idea.

Oh, I haven't told you exactly where the Primary Destination is. Not to worry, I'll get around to it. First, we must venture forth early in the morning so – I advise y'all to get a good nights sleep.
Kitten on the Roof
Belton Courthouse

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