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April 2012

A Biker is as a Biker Does

Cappy Promised: Better Barbeque -

As y'all know, I follow through on my promises, even if I am a mite tardy. I eventually get around to it.

First, let me recap. In the January edition of SSOM I covered the Bastrop fires and the Lost Pines destruction. I showed you pictures of the burned trees, ash covered forest floors and the homes burned to their foundation.

At the end of February 2012, I returned to the area. I am pleased to report that I saw many signs of rebuilding. Many new homes were in various stages of construction. Empty lots are being filled every day. The forest floor still has a long way to go but there were signs of new growth.

Lost Pines

The parks are open again and awaiting your visit. This is a beautiful area of Texas, there are plenty of FM roads for your touring pleasure, and as you'll soon realize, plenty of great barbecue.

Luling Texas - Francis-Ainsworth B&B -
I had a plan. When I visited the Bastrop, Lockhart and Luling area at the end of last year, I always felt I had short changed my visit. There were a few things I never got around to doing and that created an irresistible itch that just had to be scratched. After doing a little research I found that I could stay at a bed and breakfast for about the same price as a motel. I had never stayed at a bed and breakfast before. I can't say it was on my bucket list but, being open to new experience, I got to thinking, "why not?" Carpe Diem and all that jazz.

Bed and Brunch

I wish I could report that it was a super wonderful, never to be forgotten experience. I would not be totally honest with you if I did. The house was beautiful. It may well be worth the visit just to hang around, feeling the presence of past tenants, and hearing the creak of the stairs as you climb them to your room. It truly was a beautiful house.

When you think of B&B, don't you think of bed and breakfast? It seems that the manager thought that meant bed and maybe brunch. Being something of an early riser, I expected the promised morning fare to be ready by 6 in the morning. Instead, it was not made available until after 10 a.m. Then we got a, "Did I promise to have an early breakfast?" from the manager. He explained to us what a wonderful resume he had and how many major hotels he'd worked for. I may have been wrong, as I said it was my first bed and breakfast. While I won't rule out returning, a snack in my pack would be a good idea to offset the meager fare.

I will offer a hearty helmet tip for a good evening meal. The Inn doubled as a restaurant, the 1896 Tavern, for lunch and dinner. The menu was diverse and the food absolutely delicious.

One last parting shot and I'll drop the subject. I would have felt more welcome if we'd been supplied with drinking glasses, and more comfortable if housekeeping worked harder at removing the soap stain from the tub. Biker B-

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Let's get to the good stuff -

There are a couple of things I really found fascinating about Luling. The town is still pumping oil left over from the 1920's boom; there was a distinct odor in the air that, while not overwhelming, was noticeable. Of course, the locals call it the "smell of money." When mixed with the smell of smoking meat in the morning, it was not half bad.

Pump Art

As you can see above, they have devised an ingenious way of decorating their pumps, in an attempt to avoid potential eyesores.

There is a farmer's market located in the center of town, where you'll find fruit, veggies, preserves and t-shirts.

Farmer's Market

Luling is somewhat famous for their watermelon festival held annually. They have some spittin' yards that are prime for the watermelon connoisseur. If you want to learn about thumpin', Luling is the place to be during the last weekend in June.

There is another attraction I think you'll enjoy as much if not more than the Watermelon Thump, and that is Zedler's Mill. It is a little piece of paradise that will be well worth your time and effort - don't forget your camera.
Zedler's Mill

Hold on, hold on, I almost forgot why I called you all together today - that's right, - Bar B Q

There are two joints, within steps of each other, that serve some of the better Q you're going to find in Texas.

After standing in a very long line, at the best BBQ joint in town, they ran out of sausage. Many of those in line made a mad dash to the second best shop, Luling Barbecue. It is located just a few steps east - almost as good...
City Market BBQ Pit
Step into the best pit, City Market, and you'll experience a higher level of 'Q World'. Smell it, taste it. I heart the pork ribs; it's all good. No sauce needed. A Biker A+!

Plenty more pictures on the SSOM site. You can access the page through the TMRA website -

Amana needs a run around the block to wear off some of this good Q - then a shower. Y'all ride safe, see you next month - and whatever you do, don't forget -
Ride em if ya go em!

Bonus PIX

Luling City Market
Luling City Market
I recommend the pork ribs

Francis-Ainsworth B&?
Francis-Ainsworth B&?

Luling Watermelon
Not only famous for their BBQ

Zedler's Mill
An oasis

Luling BBQ
Good "Q"