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April 2012

Mule Quotes

Bailey County -

Bailey County was a part of Bexar (pronounced bear or bare, for those transplants who can't get a handle on the 'x') from 1836-1876. The county was created on August 21, 1876. The name Bailey came from one of the many killed while defending the Alamo, a lawyer, Peter James Baily.

Muleshoe City Limit

Muleshoe is the county seat of Bailey County -

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The Mule -

Bed and Brunch

Wrapping one's mind around why anyone would name a town Muleshoe, even in 1926, could create an Excedrin headache of massive proportions. After doing a little research I discovered that the town thanks Henry Black for its name.

Henry Black -

From what I can tell, Henry must have been a real go-getter. In 1856, Henry was using the Muleshoe brand in Fannin County and then registered it in 1860.

The Civil War came; Henry left behind his wife and two daughters to fight for the Confederacy. When he returned, after the war was over, Henry found his home burned, his wife dead and his daughters still living. In 1865 he remarried and got down to rebuilding his life.

The cattle business was thriving in those days and Henry took advantage of it by fording herds across the Red River. Between the horse and cattle business, and selling clothing that his wife Sarah made, he soon outgrew his property and moved his herds of 1,000 cattle and 500 horses north, where he bought land that had three houses on it, establishing the Muleshoe Ranch.

Over the years, the land has inherited by different children. In 1978, the Muleshoe Ranch was known as the Trammell-Swanson Muleshoe Ranch, when it was said the well dug in 1887, and a barn built about that time, were still in use.

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The Muleshoe Roadriders -

Muleshoe Roadriders Patch

According to my new friend, Tuffy McDaniel, the Muleshoe Roadriders have been around for about 30 years. Tuffy's dad helped establish the club.

First Rally Pin

The First Muleshoe Rally Pin

The Muleshoe Rally is a fun rally with loads of activities for the whole family.

Under sound leadership, The Roadriders have initiated a plan to bring in young blood and, most importantly, turned over the reins. This has revitalized them and insured that they will be a viable club for years to come.

Club President - Steve Smith

Club President - Steve Smith

The Secretary and Treasurer
I want to extend a special thanks to Tuffy McDaniel for filling me in on much of the Roadrider's history. It is fascinating how well these folks have managed their club. It is equally amazing that they have such close ties to clubs and businesses in New Mexico.

There are more pictures online and in color.

Amana and I had fun in Muleshoe. Fred (BAD) Simpson and I found great places to visit on our way there and back, more about that in upcoming issues. Amana was especially delighted to have run through Earth on our way home. She needs a bath. Whatever you do, don't forget -
Ride em if ya go em!

Bonus PIX

Bailey County Courthouse
Bailey County Courthouse

Fred (BAD) Simpson negotiating

TMRA Representatives
Trudy & Jim Robinson with Jean Hardy

Scout Troup 620
Scout Trooper from Pack 620
enjoying her cotton candy

Relay For Life
Relay For Life

Patches sewn by a Patriot Guard -
They do a little bit of everything

Francis-Ainsworth B&?
David Pitcock - Donates the food,
his time and effort for the
Muleshoe Roadriders

Slow Racer
Larry Archibald -
Current King of the Slow Race

Jan Smith - Secretary
Jan Smith - Secretary

Robin Diekerson - Treasurer
Robin Diekerson - Treasurer
Fred (BAD) Simpson - visiting Earth