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September 2012

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Hot Damn Run 2012 -

The Hot Damn run has been a July feature of the West Texas countryside for the past 20 years. It is a tradition that has stood the test of time and the test of the Texas summer sun. As any Texan can tell you, there aren't a great number of trees in that part of Texas. If it is shade you are looking for, you'd better bring it with you.


Despite the lack of trees, there were two things I found plenty of, brotherhood and food. The food vendor could whip up a basket of burger and fries that would tide you over till supper.

The Gypsy's

The Gypsy MC has been a three-piece outfit since the beginning. While they started in Corpus Christi and spread throughout Texas, they are indeed an international motorcycle club with chapters in Mexico and Germany.

I know y'all could recognize a Gypsy a mile away. There are few motorcycle venues that you won't see their distinctive yellow vest.

Since their Tennessee roots in the 1960's, the "sour pickles of society" has been associated with the Gypsy's. The pickle riding a motorcycle on the Gypsy patch is as unique as a MC design can be.

With a very large, diverse and spread out organization, it is a credit to their leadership to have built such a close-knit family. When one attends a Gypsy event they cannot help but feel the tight bond, brotherhood and love emanating from their ranks.


Abilene President - Phancy

It has been said that a group is only as strong as its leaders. What I discovered at the Hot Damn run was not one but two capable leaders. I was introduced to Phancy, President of the Abilene chapter, and Phat Gurl, president of the Clyde chapter. As close to each other as Abilene is to Clyde, these two life-long friends are just as close. Though they lead two distinct chapters, when they come together to put on an event like the Hot Damn Run, there is a seamless presentation of unity seldom duplicated.

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Phat Gurl
Clyde President - Phat Gurl

These two grew up in the Abilene/Clyde area and each knows their territory. They are two young men who are determined to keep their respective chapter vibrant for years to come. After chatting with them for some time, I believe they are the right men for the job.

Abilene V.P. - Duck-E
Abilene Road Captain - Hunky

Phancy summed it up by saying, "We're a family and it goes back to the thing that, if we don't help each other, we're going to fall."

Phancy believes his biggest hurdle to overcome is filling the previous Presidents shoes. Chewy was chapter president for 10 years. Phancy is thankful for Chewy's valuable input.

Phat Gurl's strength is in finding qualified prospects. He sees the importance of continually building and renewing, which is essential to a robust future for their club.


Buckaroos, still moving into my new place back in Dallas so I gotta go. Y'all come visit the SSOM on the web and you'll see more pix of the rally, in color. Ride safe but mostly -
Ride em if ya go em!

Bonus PIX

Welcome to Clyde
Clyde Texas
Sister city to Abilene

Mr & Mrs Gibson
Skwerl and Phancy

Daddy consoling daughter
She got her finger caught in the ice chest lid.
We were distracting her. She was brave.

The Engineers
Setting horseshoe stakes
Getting advice from the sidelines

Keg Roll
Keg Roll
Watch for those rogue kegs

Pickle Bite
Anybody can bite a hotdog
It takes a real woman to bite the pickle

Carb Toss
Carb Toss
Hot Damn Peace Patrol