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October 2012

The Folly Staff came up with a brilliant scheme to bring some of the articles from the past and compile them into the Daimler's Folly for October 2012. It is T.M.R.A.'s 40th year and it is a great way to honor and celebrate our achievements.

I am pleased that the SSOM article from April of 2009 was selected to be included in this issue. I have recreated the article as closely as I could. By clicking on the magazine cover picture below, you will be transported back to April 2009. I had to alter a few things, as I was not set up, at the time, to duplicate my articles on the NET.

For instance, I couldn't find the exact picture I used in the original article. However, I found one from the same ride. For a reference, here is a link to the original article. Thank you for your continued interest in the SSOM and especially your support for T.M.R.A.
Ride em if ya go em!

October 2012 Folly Cover