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November 2012

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November - A Perfect Dinner Ride Month

Now that the temps have cooled off, y'all want to talk politics? I didn't think so.

The only thing that can be said about the upcoming election is - Let the best man win.

What normally makes for a great topic, especially among bikers, is anything food related. The motorcycle ride for a meal has been a tried and true tradition, spanning generations, and has been the catalyst for many great friendships.

Recently, the SSOM has featured some great BBQ. As popular as it is, man cannot live on BBQ alone, despite what many of your grill masters may think. There are as many kinds of eats as there are those to enjoy them.

Eat to Ride - Ride to Eat

Our very own Lady Di's article, appearing each month in the Folly, has some outstanding recipes and unique ideas for a scrumptious meal. She has been diligently providing a step-by-step map to some mighty fine eats. Give some of her suggestions a try; you'll be glad you did.

Of course, sometimes, we don't want the hassle of food prep with the inevitable cleanup afterwards. We also like a little variety. At a new restaurant we take a chance that what the wait staff sets before us will satisfy our fully trained machine - the stomach.

A Restaurant Litmus Test

A short list, not necessarily in priority order, might be -
Adequate and Safe Parking
Generous Portions
Attentive and Accurate Wait Staff
And of course, tasty food

Your mileage may vary.

Allow me to offer a couple of places where every item on the Litmus Test has been check marked.

Culinary Land Mines

More Than a Dinner Ride

Even though you may not travel on I-30, headed towards Little Rock, at least not often, our first restaurant is off exit 106, in Fairplay, Arkansas, on Fairplay Rd.

JJ's is a truck stop with a little extra. Phyllis, our waitress, had done this before. She had the menu down cold. Her every move was poetry in motion. We had thought, "breakfast", until we saw what was on the lunch menu. We ordered the meat loaf and liver and onions. With each entree you get a choice of three sides.

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The mashed taters and gravy were excellent. The fried okra was top notch. We ordered greens, cornbread, green beans, etc. It was all prepared perfectly. The only disappointment was the pie. In all fairness, we did order early and they only had a couple of left over pies to choose from. The peach was good but I expected better, since everything else was so darned good. I suppose a "B" pie is better than most pies.

50's Diner

The thing that put this cafe over the top, besides the great food, was the 50's diner atmosphere.

Juke Box
The Jukebox

JJ's also has free WIFI - A definite "Biker's-A"

#2 - Ghost Town Dining

When you're heading out west, to the far reaches of West Texas, a good restaurant is as easy to find as a sheep in a cow pasture.

As luck would have it, the Ghost Town of Thurber has two excellent cafes. Previously, an SSOM article highlighted one restaurant, the Smokestack, and gave it a "Biker's-A."

Right across I-20 from the Smokestack is another eatery of equal or greater value. After dining there once, I had to go back to see if it was as good as I remembered.
New York Hill

The New York Hill has something like the scattered hash browns at Waffle House. Their H.B.O.'s are the best ever.


All of the ingredients tasted like they had grown them in their own garden. I had the 8 fillings with sausage. It is surprising how quickly you can eat one of these even though when the waitress brings it out you would swear you couldn't eat it all. The homemade biscuits top off the meal. While it isn't the least expensive breakfast I have ever ordered, it is one of the most satisfying. I have to give this cafe a large "Biker's-A."

Well Buckaroos, so far, this has been quite a year - quite a ride. It has been filled with ups and downs. Any year where there is a Presidential Race there is bound to be plenty of jawin' across the table. T.M.R.A. would suggest we remember we are all brothers and sisters in the wind. Discuss the issues with courtesy and respect. When we boil it all down, we all want the same things, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Ride proud, ride often, and ride safe but mostly -
Ride em if ya go em!

Bonus PIX

New York Hill

New York Hill
The New York Hill Restaurant

The Food
It was so good I had to come back

The Smokestack
The Smokestack - North Side of I-20

Ghost Town History

NY Hill
Another view of the restaurant

Frontier Home

A museum next door

Old Church