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January 2013

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It is a New Year!

2013 - What do you remember about the tumultuous year we left behind? There was so much going on. Do you remember the good times; the miracle of birth, new beginnings and new friends? Do you remember the hard times; lost jobs, higher gas prices, and the cost of food going through the roof? Do you remember the sad times; having to move, hospital visits, and lost friends?

Whatever you recall about the past year, your brothers and sisters in the wind will be with you in spirit. T.M.R.A. wishes nothing but the best of times for all riders, their families, and friends. We sincerely hope and pray you have a better year in 2013. Make this the year you get involved, ride like it is your last, and feel the wind like you've never felt it before; but mostly, have fun. Please join me in a brief reminiscence of where the SSOM has been in 2013.


Lockhart In February we visited Lockhart, Texas, the Barbeque Capital of Texas, and talked about the lip smackin' fine food Texas is famous for. A dash of Lockhart history, and an

explanation of how the slow cook process evolved, were thrown in for flavor. The four best in Lockhart are : Blacks, Chisholm Trail, Smitty's and Kreuz.


March is when the SSOM dipped a toe in new waters. It was not so much about travel as it was how travel was made easier with the National Road System, largely attributed to Dwight Eisenhower. The notion of "What is a Biker" was also touched upon.


April found us back in barbeque country. Two restaurants were discussed; the Lulling Bar*B*Q, which is very good, and my favorite pork rib joint, City Market. Any time you find yourself in Luling you can feel confident that your tummy will leave town happier than when you arrived.


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Uncle Meanie, I mean Fred Simpson and Cappy found themselves in the panhandle attending the Muleshoe Roadriders Rally. They were both extremely happy that the weather was excellent. The last time they attended this rally it was called the ice rally due to an ice storm that came in on Friday night.


Sam Phillips
Sam Phillips


Lone Star
Chasing the Moon

Lorraine and Fred Stafford


Hot Damn Run
Hot Damn Run - Clyde, Texas


40th Anniversay Edition
a-step-back in history


Good Eats
Eateries -
JJ's in Fairplay, Arkansas
NY Hill in Thurber, Texas


A Christmas Story

Ride proud, ride often, and ride safe - but mostly -

Ride em if ya go em!

Keg Toss
Keg Toss
Clyde, Texas

40 years
40th Year Anniversary Edition

The Smokestack
The City Market
Luling, Texas

Chasing the moon
Atlanta State Park

NY Hill
Hashbrown/Egg Goodness
Thurber, Texas

JJ's Truck Stop
Fairplay, Arkansas

The Mule in Muleshoe
The Mule
Muleshoe, Texas