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Camping is natures way of promoting the motel business - Dave Barry


The Robber's Cave State Park is located 45 miles north of the Talimena Parkway on OK-2. It makes for a beautiful and inexpensive place to camp on a long weekend of exploring the Talimena and surrounding area. There are many roads that will give a rider the package they are looking for, challenging roads and beautiful scenery.
Talimena Overlook
Talimena Overlook

Some people believe roughing it is when the masseuse is not included in the price of the room. We all get that. To be pampered, without a worry about getting wet or swatting bugs or having your potato chips fly away like butterflies, is a mark of success on vacation. There is only one catch to being sequestered inside of four walls. It is hard to see anything. Where are the smells? Did you know that food always tastes better outdoors? Fresh air will not harm the lungs. Oh yeah, it’s a proven fact. With a little practice you might even learn to enjoy the marvel only found by sleeping outdoors. With the rain flap off, on a dry night you can see a gazillion more stars than you can in the city. To fall asleep gazing up at the wonders of the universe is something everyone should experience.

Robber's Cave

Robber’s Cave has a shady past and we're not talking about the abundant trees surrounding the lake.

Lake Carlton
Lake Carlton

Knowledge of history in the area goes way back to when the Osage used it as hunting grounds. Fast-forwarding to the eighteenth century, we see French exploration. The following century saw many that ran from the law using the cave as a hideout. At the time of the Civil War the area was known as Indian Territory. There was basically a five-tribe structure, which finally knew peace. That is until the conflict of North and South came along. Many of the Indians held slaves. The divide that developed between the U.S.A. was soon realized within the tribes. The Indian Territory was surrounded by Union on the northern border and Rebels to the east and south. Indians as well as Civil War deserters found refuge in the cave.

After the war, many outlaws reportedly hid in the cave, hence the name, Robber's Cave. Some were famous in Western lore, such as: the Youngers, the Dalton Gang, the Rufus Buck Gang, and Belle Starr. Because of the location and configuration of the local terrain, the cave was almost impregnable. Allegedly, the criminals were able to escape through a secret back exit

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