Captain Sunshine – Neil Diamond

Born: Mercy Hospital, San Diego, 1948

New 2000 Road Star

I ride, write and photograph anything in my line of sight. I work hard at my job. I work diligently on my website. I write a monthly travel article, Sunshine State of Mind, for the Damlier's Folly, a Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association magazine. My children mean everything to me. I am more than pleased to be a grandfather. Getting to know my grandson Liam means a great deal to me.

I wish all my friends a wonderful life's-journey — my enemies — a change of heart. A Day With Sunshine


With Attitude
My Friend
La La
With Attitude
Love the ocean – learned to surf
in OB (Ocean Beach, CA) in '63
on a Velzy–Jacobs balsawood board

Moved to Hawaii in '69
found some big waves...

I lived in a beach house with
Banzai Pipeline
as my view through the sliding glass door.

After my roommate got married, I moved to
Waimea Bay2nd house from the tip of the point
I take pix of motorcycle related events

I also take a many pix of non-motorcycle subjects

You'll find a hodge-podge assortment in –


Yoda & Mud Duck
July 15, 2006
Rooster and Cappy
May 30, 2007
The Elbow Room
Captain Sunshine

billfpaxton at yahoo dot com
Paxton's Web Site

The Great White One's speedo face.
It is faded now
Granny's gone out to pasture,
with well over
230,000 miles on the odo.
Carpenters Bluff
Carpenter's Bluff
September 17, 2011

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bill f paxton at yahoo dot com
I am sure there will be more as time wears on
 Ride em if ya got em Page One

intense effort