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Welcome to my little corner of the Internet! This is an exhibit of the World According to Sunshine. Most people's websites are self serving and mine is no exception. I'd like to think that there is something within my website that you'll enjoy viewing. It is my intent that you to come away from this experience with something of value to you.

Immediately above what you are reading at this moment are thumbnail links. Clicking on one of the little picture icons will transport you to a prominent section within Sunshine's world. Each section is designed to entertain you as much as I was entertained while blending each stage and layer of my experience into the selected presentation.
  • Stories - As it suggests, various original short stories.
  • SSOM - Sunshine State of Mind articles that appear in the T.M.R.A.'s Daimler's Folly
  • Video - Links to uploaded video that can be seen on sites such as You Tube and Vimeo.
  • Rides - Photos and stories of various Ride Abouts I have been on.
  • Slideshow - Links to uploaded Slideshows on You Tube.
  • Photos - Photo collections of non-motorcycle events.
  • Dogs - A compilation of dog related stories and quips, intended to entertain dog lovers of all breeds.
If you continue down this page you'll see links to a variety of things of interest to me. My grandson being one. Followed by motorcycle related links as well a couple of outstanding recipes (we gotta eat ya know). I think of it as my what-not shelf.

It is my sincere wish that y'all enjoy your visit. This site is a labor of love that has taken years to put together in the form you see today. It will continue to grow as I grow. I have motorcycle parking, car and RV parking. We are handicap friendly with access to all venues. However you got here and for whatever reason, you are welcome to come along for the ride.

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Ride em if ya got em

As of July 27, 2010
I became a grandpa
Liam Walter Paxton

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I like to call this my junk drawer. Filled with things in no particular order.

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