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How Does It Feel — Avril
The 184th day of 2016 — It is a Saturday

It is Tish's birthday
Artemis goes to work

Tish's birthday is coming up soon. I am going out of mind trying to think of a significant present. I know it doesn't have to be expensive. That isn't the issue. Simply put, I am lost, no idea, so I broke down and asked – sometimes that is the best – it was in this case.
Tish and Savanna got mother–daughter tattoos a few month previously. Neither were overwhelmed with the quality of work. Uninspired would be the kindess word I can think of to describe it. Tish said she'd like to expand her tattoo in a design of her liking. "Mystic Fine Body Art" is just down the street from our apartment. Tish had gone in with Christina several weeks previously. They liked the work but not ready to shell out the samollions to get it done.
Tish and I walked in the parlor and were enthusiatically greeted by Megan. She listened to Tish and beamed happily – flowers were her speciality. Artemis was hovering around our conversation, Tish nodded to the affirmative, he exclaimed, "I can do that." After a brief discussion of price we came to an agreement and here we begin ...

The original surrounded by the new outline

Artemis is a stickler for detail
Inking the outline

almost done
Almost Done!

almost done almost done

The Crew
The Crew



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