December 28th 2008
Dozer & Chief

TallTxn really started something when we told me about the great FM roads NW of Gainesville. Dozer came up to spend the holiday week with us. I took that as a sign to gather what I could of ACME and see if they'd follow me.

This is part two of two. I had been in the area a couple of weeks before this trip. I enjoyed the area so much I had to get Chief and Doze in on the act. It was a lot warmer this time around. When I was here before, an extreme cold front came in and chased me home before I was able to see everything I want to see.

You may want to see the FM-1201 presentation first but it isn't necessary. They are both about discovering parts of Texas that you've probably never seen before. Whatever you choose to do, please accept my thanks for stopping by, it is my hope you'll enjoy your stay.

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This presentation will be divided into three parts:
1) FM & CR's
2) Wind Generators
3) Indian Bridge

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"1200 - The Road"

1200 -
The Road
Windmills Taovayas
Indian Bridge

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