Ballinger Camp Out
June 2010

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Intense Effort
I left on Friday for my first long ride after Amana's (dayum she's white) cosmetic surgery. I was anxious to see if the new bars and grips would make for a comfortable ride. I was very pleased with the outcome.

I made my way to one of my favorite venues, the Ballinger Campout. It is an T.M.R.A. Area D event that the T-Twister host. Tom Jones does a great job on the grill.

I took a few pix on the way down, more the next morning, and a few later on. Presented here are a few of those pix.


P.S. Sorry she's so dirty but I rode her hard.
I found some great dirt roads.

If you want to see a larger picture, click on the pic. When finished viewing, close the window, click another pic.

Pear Valley

Pear Valley


Towards Ivie Reservoir

Near Freese Dam

Ray Stoker Jr. Highway

Ballinger City Park

Ballinger City Park

Ballinger City Park

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