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Created April 16, 2016

April 8th & 9th 2016
It was a Friday & Saturday
The 99th & 100th day of the year.

This was my first trip since my shoulder surgery. Anyone who rides and has had medical or personal issues that kept them from riding for any length of time will appreciate the feeling I experienced.
— once again —
— being —
on the road again

My primary goal was to arrive in Comanche safely. I was meeting up with two long-time riding pals. I've ridden all over Texas and beyond with Dozer. He came up from Humble. My B.G.B.B. brother Ray has ridden with me all around the Hill Country. Ray rode down from Bowie. I had a little ride planned for Saturday and it was my sincere hope that they would both enjoy the trip. The deal was, when I planned the trip the weather guesser's predicted a sunny weekend. Just before the weekend their forecast took a nasty turn and rain was expected on Saturday — Sunday. I was determined to not let that stop me. Luckily I was going to travel with seasoned veterans of the road. None of us particularly like riding in the rain – we had done enough of it to know we wouldn't drown, or shrink. Keeping this in mind, the adventure begins.
Sunrise in Thurber Thurber Texas is a ghost town. There are two good local restaurants and another semi-famous restaurant not far away in Strawn. I was standing in the parking lot of the New York Hill restaurant, waiting for them to open. What you see here is the sunrise I was treated to while I waited.
New York Hill
New York Hill
My fav – Hash Brown Omelets. Open 7:30 A.M.
The Smoke Stack
The Smoke Stack
A good Texas cafe.
Sometimes tardy opening their doors at 7 A.M.
Mary's Chicken Fried Steak
Mary's in Strawn
Famous for their Chicken Fried Steak
Lunch & Dinner
I looked out for Necessity
I never found a town sign.

Prairie Dirt Road
Dirt Road through the Texas Prairie
Mount Zion Cemetery
Historic cemeteries are interesting
Who Knows?
A pauper — Who Knows?
The Punk Polans
Now we know where the punk is buried.
Was it the name or disposition?
All That is Left
Over time, memories are lost, memorials crumble

Ranger Texas
Pulling into Ranger from the North
building art

 Gorman Railway Station
Gorman Railway Station

Tanker Car
This pic is for my Railroad friends.


Ray Harassing the Sheep

Here's what I know ... it is Saturday. We met in the breakfast area of the Best Western in Comanche, Texas. I called for a fairly early kick-stands-up and everyone rose to the occasion. Our eventual destination was the Regency Bridge but the route would take me by some towns that I hoped to get town sign pix for my collection. There were some, but not as many as I would have liked. Our first big town was San Saba.

As I was taking the San Sabe town sign pic, Ray spied some sheep across the street in a field. He was drawn to them like iron to a magnet.

As he started to climb the fence, one of the sheep – who had been watching him carefully – saw what he was about to do and alerted the other sheep. Before Ray could clear the fence the klaxon had been sounded and there was no way Ray would have been able to catch one. Obviously his reputation had preceded him.

To his credit, Ray did not let this spoil his or our trip and we continued forward.

Rays From Heaven
It was time to continue our journey – It was written

Regency Bridge
The Regency Bridge – Our Primary Destination
Colorado River
Overlooking The Colorado River
Ray Crossing
Ray Crossing The Colorado

Dozer Ray Dozer & Ray

Dozer on the Bridge
Dozer Over the Colorado

Standing by the Bridge
The South Side of the Bridge

Blubonnets & Cactus
A Good Year for Bluebonnets

Raindrops on the River
Rain drops on the river – Must be time to go.

Dark Clouds
We are convinced – Time to go!

Tractor on Highway
The rain got to be too much
We pulled over – It stopped
We started again – It rained buckets ...

We made it back to the Best Western safe and sound. Drying out and warming up we added one more ride to our adventure list. I hope you enjoyed the peek into our journey. Y'all know what comes next ...
Ride em if ya got em

love you mean it

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