Robert Lee Marquee
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Created May 15, 2016

April 9, 2010
It was a Friday
The 99th day of the year.

"A Sailors Grave on the Prairie"
Leo Kottke

Texas Spring Wind
Upon my face
The view wide open
God's plan in place

My mind is sharp
'Fore I want to see
Every bush, bloom and rock
On my way to Robert Lee

— once again —
I Ride

It is April. As usually happens the past 4 decades, T.M.R.A. puts on their state rally. This year it will be in Snyder, Texas. You do understand there are much shorter routes to Snyder than the one I am about to share with you? I had to make a little stop before I went to the rally. I was meeting Gary Dupriest, who was the President of T.M.R.A at that time, and a few other biker types for a get together with the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry. Governor Perry, once again, agreed to sign the May Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Proclamation. As the state Safety and Awareness officer for T.M.R.A., I was obligated to attend this soiree. Everything went well. The governor was receptive and cordial. We were presented our proclamation and I was off.

There was one small hitch to my schedule. I was almost out of Austin when my clutch cable broke. A Good Samaritan came to my rescue. We found the closest dealer and he drove me there to get my new cable. We returned to my bike, I made the necessary repairs, and was back on the road. By the time I got to Ballanger it was very late and much colder than I anticipated – I'd figured on being in Snyder, sipping a cold refreshing beverage by then – things do not always go according to plan.

The motel I usually stayed was booked, as was every room in town. There was a fishing tournament being held near by. I thought I was sunk, I'd be forced to forge on. It may have been my puppy dog eyes or maybe the frozen look on my face; the motel manager made a call and arranged a room for me. Last room in town. A big thumbs up and off to a warm room I went.

Join me for a short trip across the Texas Prairie.
It was warm –
It was sunny –
Little or no traffic –
Life is good –
Here we go...
The Proclamation
Popeye, Gary and Governor Perry
Bee House
I love to ride the Texas prairie!
Ballinger Leaving Ballinger
Bronte Town signs along the way

Robert Lee
Entering Robert Lee
Time for Lunch
Rober Lee Post Office
My hobby of getting snapshots of town signs is not always easy. I often take a picture of the Post Office if I can't find a sign. To cover my bases, I often take a picture of both.

Robert Lee, the county seat of Coke County, is at the junction of State highways 158 and 208 and the confluence of Mountain Creek and the Colorado River, thirty-one miles north of San Angelo in the central part of the county. It was founded by R. E. Cartledge and his father-in-law, L. B. Harris, who owned land at the site, and was named for Robert E. Lee. Cartledge and Harris pushed to move the county seat from nearby Hayrick to Robert Lee, arguing that Hayrick lacked an adequate water supply and was too far from the center of the county. Though at the time Hayrick was much more developed than its neighbor, in 1891 Robert Lee won the county seat election, and most of the Hayrick population moved immediately to Robert Lee. In the same year the post office opened, and by 1892 Robert Lee had a population of 570 and twenty businesses, including a bank and a weekly newspaper , the Coke County Rustler (later the Robert Lee Observer). A rock courthouse was built in 1891 and replaced in 1956. The town was incorporated in 1929. — Texas State Historical Association

Prairie Dirt Road
A good view of the Texas Prairie
Mount Zion Cemetery
Texas 208
Colorado City

Ranger Texas
We're done here.
I told you it would be short.

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