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Everyone I met while staying in Camp Doris were locals. I am under the impression that few people outside of Oklahoma have even heard of Doris. If it hadn't been for a co-worker, who's boys are heavily involved in the Boy Scouts, telling me about this delightful camp I would have never known about it – never gone there – which would have made my life a little less rich.

The View From My Campsite

Bison Bison

Indiahoma Truck

This tank pic is for my B.G.B.B.
Brother Mac. Camp Sills is just
around the corner. You can hear
artillary far off in the distance
throughout the day.

Quartz Mountain

Camp Camp
People seem to be pretty big on Quartz Mountain. The area is pretty and there is a lake near by – so plenty of wet fun. I suppose there is some mineral attraction, being that quartz is plentiful. Folks like to scale the face of the little mountain. It looks like it could be a challenge for the beginner and intermediate.

Quartz Mountain

Quartz Mountain

Wichita Mountains
Wichita Mountains
Medicine Park
Medicine Park
Critter of the Plains

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Mount Scott
Mount Scott

River Walk
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