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Tis the Season

Sleigh Bell Ringing – Tis the time for Toy Runs and lots of mistletoe. Y’all know the Legend of the Mistletoe don’t you?

The Goddess of Love, Frigga, had a son, Balder, the God of Summer. Due to Frigga’s diligence, Balder was protected from every being in air, water, fire and earth. It seems she overlooked one thing … Mistletoe. Loki, the God of Evil, put mistletoe on the tip of an arrow and made Hoder, the blind brother of Balder and the God of Winter, shoot the arrow at Balder. Balder died. The earth turned cold. All creatures tried to revive Balder without success. It was Frigga, with the help of mistletoe, which came to his rescue. Her tears on the plant became pearly white berries that saved Balder. In her joy Frigga kissed everyone that passed beneath the tree. She blessed it such that anyone who stands under the mistletoe would never be harmed and would be entitled to a kiss as a token of love.

Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas


Last month the Robber’s Cave State Park in Oklahoma was highlighted in the Folly. The visit to the Park was the first day of a trip that started in Dallas, on to Talihina and the Talimena Parkway, and eventually Oklahoma.

There was a circuit planned that would eventually land us in Missouri. We had to pass through Arkansas first. This can be a bit tricky as it was the same weekend as the Biker’s Blues and Barbeque Rally in Fayetteville. The route planned avoided as much of the major highways as was possible. Of course there is no way to avoid crossing paths but the plan was too keep it to a minimum.
Entering Arkansas
Sneaking out of Oklahoma and into Arkansas isn’t too difficult. Taking SR-101 will get you there. 101 turns into SR-220 as you cross the border into Arkansas. Pass through Uniontown, Dripping Springs and Cedarville. At about Anna is where your tires and paved roads will part ways.

If you wind around the beautiful dirt road, eventually you’ll come up the backside of Devil’s Den State Park. The Park entrance is on SR-170. This is where you need to pay close attention. We encountered many large groups of BBBBQ bikers. If you choose to go that way, be forewarned, you’ll have to navigate some wickedly challenging curves and delightfully picturesque scenery. Proceed at your own chosen speed
Devil's Den State Park
Devil's Den State Park

Well Buckaroo’s, whichever way you decide to get to Arkansas, you’ll find plenty of outstanding roads that will make your journey worthwhile. I hope to see you there!

Don't forget; ride often, and ride hard, but mostly ...
Ride em if ya go em!

Main Street; Jefferson
A Dirt Road to Devil's Den
Main Street; Jefferson
Bull Shoals
Onward to Missouri

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