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Well Planned, Continued

In the February issue I bragged about what a great trip planner I was. You soon realized, after reading a paragraph or two, that even with all my boasting, trips seldom go as planned.
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After a good nights rest in Mammoth Springs at the Riverview Motel, I hopped out of bed, anxious to hit the road. I was showered, dressed, and out the door packing my bike just after first light. With a wave at the motel’s proprietors, I was off to the Railroad Museum. It wasn't open. I snooped around, took a few pix then proceeded onward, towards my planned ride destination.
I crossed over the border into Missouri on my way to US-160. I thought it somewhat amusing that Missouri uses letters of the alphabet to name their state roads. When they reach the 27th road they double their letters, ex: AA, BB, etc. I was off in search of “C”, MO-C. Why “C” you ask? It looked like a good road. I had my fingers crossed

MO-C - Heading North

By the time I came to the junction of MO-C and US-160, the sun was well established in the sky, without a cloud to be seen. It was a cool day but by no means uncomfortable. I pulled over and made last minute adjustments to my Go-Pro camera and off I went.

When looking at a map of Missouri, the Mark Twain National Forest lays mottled green between I-44 and the Arkansas border. MO-C runs through the southern central, green blotch on the map. It winds around the forest from US-160 to US-60. If I had more time, I would have turned around and run-it from north to south. You can view my video of the ride north on MO-C on the NET. As the plan was laid out, the one I made up in my head while riding MO-C, was to have lunch in Mammoth Springs and then head west toward my camping destination, Roaring River State Park. I was hoping they would have campsites. I found out the hard way that just because it says State Park does not necessarily mean they have camping.

Well Buckaroo’s, I’m off to the Roaring River State Park in southwest Missouri. I have large hopes that this will be the destination that I had hoped for. Look for the March SSOM in the Daimler’s Folly. I will tell you about the Park and some of the other adventures I encountered along the way.

Don't forget; ride often, and ride hard, but mostly ...
Ride em if ya go em!

Missouri C
Missouri C
Great Missouri Roads
Great Missouri Roads
Mark Twain National Forest
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