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The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.

Take ‘The Babes’, advice and apply it to various groups you’ve known. You can tell the good ones when you see them. Watch the members at their sponsored gathering; everyone pitches in to make the event enjoyable and a success. It takes those kinds of players to make a difference and rise above the crowd.

Clubs come and clubs go. Get a bunch of people together and politics follows. Some clubs are strong enough to overcome the malady. The really good clubs overcome and find ways to make the majority happy while maintaining the level of commitment that spells success. I know of just such a club. They are a club known to just about everyone in T.M.R.A.

The Gryphons

Loyal Supporters of T.M.R.A.

The Gryphons were established on February 14th (Valentines Day) in the year 19 and 88.There are two active members from the original charter.
Charter Members: Doug Clark and Bob Gerlich

The Gryphons step up every year as major supporters of the T.M.R.A. Rally. We appreciate all they do.

Chili Cook-Off - Ellis Co. Toy Run - Spring Party

In the Fall I enjoy their Chili Cook-Off. While scarfing a delicious bowl of chili, I get to thinking about all the kids that benefit from the annual Gryphons Ellis County Toy Run. Then early next year they’ll say good-bye to winter with their annual Spring Party/Poker Run.

Bike Raffle

If you’ve never experienced their bike raffle, it is a must. A brand new Harley Davidson is the prize.

Well Buckaroos, this page seems to get smaller every month. I could go on. I have to get Amana back to the stable and clean her up. Seems I’ve neglected her and she’s in a funk. Until next time ...

Don't forget;
ride often, ride hard and ride safe, but mostly ...
Ride em if ya go em!

Picture of the Gryphons
The Ladies Sitting on the Stage
50/50 Ladies
50/50 Ladies
They come from all over for a party
Gryphons parties bring folks from all over
Bike Games
Bike Games
Taking a break
Always a good time

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