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Thanksgiving, Once Again

So how many Thanksgivings is this? T.M.R.A. has been hanging in there for quite a number of holidays. I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you reading this a very Happy Thanksgiving. Please take a little time out of each day and reflect on what you have to be thankful for. True, there are plenty of things to annoy us rambling about in the big bad world. We bitch about those all the time. Give yourself, your nerves, your heart, and your general well-being a break; concentrate on the good things. You’ll be glad you did. While you’re at it, if you are of spiritual inclinations, say a prayer for all those putting their lives on the line, domestically and overseas. I am forever thankful for their service.

The Texas Rangers – First Sighting

Ranging far and wide, protecting Texas settlers

In 1823, Stephen F. Austin organized a group to provide protection for the 600 to 700 immigrants who came to the Spanish province now known as Texas.

Austin referred to this group as the Rangers. Their duties compelled them to range over the entire countryside, thus giving rise of the service known as the Texas Rangers.

The Temporary “Permanent Council”

When Austin returned from his Mexican imprisonment, a body was organized called the “Permanent Council.” On November 1, 1835, the temporary “Permanent Council” reported the organization of the Rangers to the Consultation, who approved it, and on November 9, a committee of this body commissioned G.W.Davis to raise 20 more men for this new service.

The Battle for Fort Richardson

Fort Richardson State Park has a yearly Civil War reenactment on their spacious grounds. The event starts on October 31st and ends November 2nd, 2014. The camping is good. Take a camping chair as the reenactment takes up most of the day. I especially got a kick out of the cannons. Your mileage may vary.
Entering Strokers

Well Buckaroos, mid-September I’ll be on my honeymoon and in November Gary and I will explore the Three Sisters. I will have stories. Stay tuned. Until next time;

Don't forget;
ride often, ride hard and ride safe, but mostly ...
Ride em if ya go em!

Battle Preparation
Prepare for Battle
Column of Rangers
Rangers Moving Out
Union Firing
Some of our soldiers were just kids

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