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February 2015
The way a team plays as a whole determines its success.

More than a day trip

Those who live in North Texas -- or the Panhandle -- might consider what I’m about to propose as a very long day trip. Anywhere else in Texas, you’d have to make it an overnighter, at the very least

The little town of Quanah is located at the junction of US-287 and FM-6, nestled 80 miles NW of Wichita Falls, perched 146 miles SE of Amarillo, unnoticed 138 miles due north of Abilene, and a mere 171 miles NE of Lubbock. What I’m trying to get across here is that you pretty much have to be going to Quanah to get there.

Quanah, Texas is at the southern edge of the caprock escarpment that borders the Llano Estacado. This is in the area where the Comanche tribes prospered. In this region a tribe of root grubbers learned to become, what many of the elite U.S. Army’s tacticians considered, the best mobile fighting force they had ever faced.

Bikers and Comanche

I think many bikers identify with the Native American, the Comanche in particular. The Comanche were made up of many tribes that were autonomous right up until a common cause brought them together. Their identity as humans was tied to their mode of transportation. Bikers are all about horsepower, as were the Comanche. The Comanche would roam large areas of land and doing so lickity-split. They repeatedly fooled the Spanish and then later the Mexicans and Anglo settlers. Thought to be different tribes harassing along the way, it had actually been a single tribe, traveling with uncanny speed over the plains.

The Quanah Museum

You can pick up a lot of this info by visiting a very well fitted Museum in Hardeman County, the Quanah, Acme and Pacific Railway Depot. They are located at 105 Green St. The number to call, make sure someone is there, is (940) 663-5272 or (940) 839-8066. Pioneer, Railroad, Lane Frost and Quanah Parker items can be found on the bottom floor. Upstairs exhibits are; Veterans Rooms, Quanah Cotton Oil Mill, Chillicothe, and Masonic Lodge, Space Room furnished by NASA and the Smithsonian Institute, to name a few.

What to do in the Panhandle?

Hopefully I’ve made a good dent in answering that question. In an upcoming issue I’ll tell you of a special place to camp that few are aware of. Keep reading your Folly’s; I promise to let you in on my secret.

Well buckaroos, I need to get Amana a new shoe and oil. I hope you get out and about in 2015. There’s still plenty to visit out in the wide-open Texas countryside. Looking forward to seeing y’all at the State Rally.

Don't forget;
ride often, ride hard and ride safe, but mostly ... Ride em if ya go em!

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