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August 2015
Salvation of Man
Salvation of Man

Tyler Texas is a bustling town – an industrious town. It looks like we’ve missed the Azalea & Flower Trails Festival held in late March through early April. Please don’t fret; you still have time to attend The East Texas State Fair, Sept 25 - Oct 4.

The Texas Rose Festival
The Tyler rose garden is a really well represented attraction. The landscape is dotted with elegant displays of a variety of flora. Even if you can’t make the festival held in October (14-18), the park will captivate as you take a leisurely stroll around the grounds
Wonderland Cape

I had no idea so much went into the event. The onsite museum has many breathtaking displays. The gowns will keep you gawking in awe. The hours and effort to create the costumes for the festival boggles the mind.

As Luck Would Have It
Gun Show
As much as I enjoy a good flower, I couldn’t help but wonder what else Tyler had to offer a tourist. As luck would have it – right across the street from the park – we spied a gun show. How lucky is that?

** Guns N Roses **
Roses and Cabbage Quote
Changing Course
I am guessing y’all have seen the cover of the Folly this month. I don’t have to tell you what T.M.R.A. has meant, and still means, to the Texas motorcycle community. The members of T.M.R.A. have worked so hard for so many years, not only in legislative victories but providing valuable instruction in Motorcycle Safety and Awareness. They have also informed those of the touring persuasion about places to ride, and what one might do when they get there. It is our sincere desire that you remember these things when it comes time to renew your dues. Please encourage others to renew as well. Tell the new riders what T.M.R.A. means to our community. Collectively, T.M.R.A has centuries of experience to share. We want to share them with you.

Well Buckaroos, Amana and I returned safely from our trip to the Palo Duro and New Mexico. Keep an eye out for your next edition of the Daimler’s Folly. There will be stories of adventures replete with pictures.
Until then;
ride often, ride hard and ride safe, but mostly ... Ride em if ya go em!

Festival Cape
Princess Cape
Garden Flowers
Garden Flowers
Museum Display
Museum Display
Nature's Beautiful Design
Natures Beautiful Design
Take a Trip to Tyler - Something for everyone!
Tyler Park Flower

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