We're going on a quick trip from the floor of the Anza Borrego Desert to the Mountain community of Julian.

I find it a bit of a marvel to go from an arid desert to a pine covered town within a few miles. True, it is a steep climb which makes it so much the better, as road trips go.

anza desert floor desert floor
The Anza Borrego Desert Floor

anza road
A beautiful ride!

desert floor
anza desert floor
Imagine taking a stage coach
through the desert in summer,
hoping all riding companions
take their personal hygiene
and grooming seriously.

anza road

Heading Up
Keep your eyes sharp!

There is much more to see on the Anza's Desert Floor. This is a whirlwind tour so we must keep going. After making a left hand turn on 78, it is only about 12 miles to the little mountain town of Julian where you can get a fresh squeezed cup of apple juice and hot apple pie — ice cream is optional — or cheese if you prefer.

anza road
anza road

You will see a sharp contrast
within a very few miles.

desert floor
anza desert floor
Julian beckons you to stay.

desert floor
anza desert floor
You won't starve.

desert floor anza desert floor

I was a little disappointed with the Rong Branch. I remembered it
as an old fashioned, creaky, wooden floored saloon, with an iconic bar.
The tourist probably like this motif better.

cider sign
pie patio

Ahhh – signs of refreshment!

anza road

What tourist do — watch phones — heads down.

cider sign pie patio
This must be the place!

cider sign
It is time to leave our little mountain village.

cider sign
pie patio
A wonderful time to be on a motorcycle!

mountain bike
Any wheels for that matter...

eagle soaring
Or you could fly — if you could.

Desert Floor
Where we started.

Desert Floor
We must say good-bye — it was a good run.


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