North Texas is often overlooked as an interesting location to ride a motorcycle. Riders tend to be interested in the "Hill Country" or the "Piney Woods" areas of the state. Albeit riding in those areas has a lot to offer, I'm here to suggest that North Texas, as in points north of US-380 – bordered by US-287 on the western front – Arkansas to the east – has plenty of very nice rides to enjoy.

A favorite of mine is to ride at various time of year and see the contrast our state has to offer. Going from the stark, leafless winter rides, to the budding out of trees in the spring, followed by the blooming of our indigenous wild flowers.

This modest presentation covers a very small area of North Texas. Having lived in McKinney for several years, I took the opportunity, with any time I could spare, to explore points north. I called them ride abouts, a term fashioned after the indigenous peoples of Australia that ventured away from their every-day routines on what they called a "walk about" – a chance to be out and about – to see what's out there.

Join me as I take you on a short, small town tour, of a few spots I found interesting. Remember, this is a miniscule sample. I hope to present more as time permits – Small Town Texas.

Ready to Ride
A February ride in Texas, at best – a crap shoot. It is anyone's guess as to what kind of weather you'll be riding in. It can snow or it can be a sunny, warm day. Today we are lucky. It is sunny and fairly warm for a February in Texas. It is a perfect day for a ride – come on along and see what there is to see.

Celeste Post Office

We'll start the photo presentation in Celeste.

Celeste is little more than a blink in
the road. There is a gas station, which
comes in handy, either to start the ride,
or to top–off before heading home.
Celeste Post Office
Down Town

Sunshine Cafe Wolfe City Mural
The "Sunshine Cafe", in Wolfe City, offers a delicious home-cooked meal at affordable prices. A short walk, after your meal, along brick-paved streets, will reveal a few local gems.

Wolfe City Home

Wolfe City Home
Homes from a more prosperous time.

Sunshine Cafe
It is difficult to make a go of it in a country town. Most of them have seen better days. The state of Texas is in a constant state of flux. What is true in one decade may not be true in the next. Texans are like much of the plant life in the area, learning to scratch out a living in almost any situation.
Sunshine Cafe Wolfe City Mural
Most of the Texas towns that have learned to prosper, even in the hardest of times, have at least one antique dealer. Wolfe City is no exception.

anza road anza road
anza road anza road
Farlie has a shed dealer and a church – and a tractor.

heritage hall volunteer fire dept
Ladonia, Texas — it may be small but folks take care of their own.

meals on wheels

Gober Texaco in Gober
Good-bye Gober Not a whole lot going on in Gober.
But you're welcome regardless.

You may want to looks somewhere else for gas

Randolph Fire Dept abandoned business
Leonard Texas
Randolph isn't quite as busy as Ladonia or Gober.
Abandoned businesses are a common sight in most of
the small towns, even in larger, small towns, such as Leonard.

Pike Texas
A small piece of North Lake Lavon
This is it folks — I am almost home.
I didn't go far on this trip –
not much more than 200 miles.
I have a great time out on a
"Ride About"
If y'all want to join me
— come on —

We Ride!


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